Gold-medal winning Davis Studio, led by Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz, are unique storytellers. This dynamic, creative team is exploring the confluence between the literary, musical and visual arts. Each of their apps is a complete media experience for their audience, challenging old-fashioned ways of digesting media. Currently, their first non-fiction release, Civil War Truce—Remarkable Little-Known Story of Sister Lucy, focuses on a little-known story about the heroics of a young Sister in 1861 and the remarkable way she touched the lives she encountered. Included in the app are maps, period photographs and documents, as well as a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. Keep an eye on this duo, with 25 years of experience writing both fiction and non-fiction, they are pushing the boundaries of storytelling, and are one of the earliest pioneers in the new art form.
Q: When did you begin writing historical non-fiction?
A. Over twenty years ago, Marie Davis began a cartoon strip, Kentucky Tales, a newspaper-in-education program. Working with local newspapers and middle schools throughout Kentucky. Marie worked within the guidelines of the school curriculum to bring out stories of little known, yet influential Kentucky citizens, focusing on gender equity and multicultural stories. When Margaret Hultz came on board they began writing for many local and state publications, garnering numerous awards for their inspirational writing. Ten Great State Women was a traveling art installation that began on the Capitol grounds and traveled throughout the state, educating citizens on ten incredible Kentucky women.

Q: Why did you choose Sister Mary Lucy Dosh as the subject of your first history app?
A. We discovered this story about ten years ago. At the time we were traveling about the state searching for little-known stories that we would eventually write. As soon as we heard about  the life of Sister Mary Lucy Dosh we knew that this was a story that we would need to research further. Her life and death touched us in a personal way, and while most of the stories that we find do touch us, this became special.

Q: How can I find out about upcoming projects?
A: Click here and sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you informed about what is going on around the Davis Studio office!
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Q: When do you expect the release of your next app?
A: Look for our next historical app on another little-known story of Catholic Sisters, to be released in the spring/summer 2016.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: At Davis Studios we have spent the last twenty years researching historical figures. Marie and Margaret have files full of fascinating stories just waiting to be told. They are always researching  new stories, in hopes of saving stories from crumbling newspapers and decaying periodicals.

Q: Are you looking for collaborators?
A: Yes! We are always looking for new people to join our team!  Click here and send us some information about yourself and your work!
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